APC for Robot Applications

Automatic Process Control for Oxy-Fuel Cutting with a Robot

APC for Robot is an Oxy-Fuel cutting system with Cutting Torch, Gas Control, Flame Ignition and Height Sensing, all in one package. Height control has to be performed by the robot. The cutting database for FIT+ three torches is either stored in the Operator Terminal or directly implemented in the machine control (CNC). 


Process: Oxy-fuel



  • All in one package: Oxy-Fuel Cutting System with Cutting Torch, Gas
    Control, and Flame Ignition Cutting Database, integrated automated Ignition, Preheating
    Piercing and Cutting operation
  • Fits on all robot arms
  • Only requires oxygen and fuel gas connection
  • Gas distribution, safety and electrical components are part of the
  • One Gas Controller per torch
  • Gas Controller to be mounted close to the torch
  • Works with all common CNC controllers on the market
  • Modular approach allows highest flexibility
  • Flash back detection to extend torch lifetime

Application Fields

  • Oxy-Fuel cutting robots for cutting of up to 300 mm sheets
  • Straight cutting, bevelling, 3D cutting, scrapping
  • Single or multi torch applications
  • Solution for new robots and retrofits
  • Plate piercing up to 100 mm thickness with active Height Sensor and
    up to 150 mm with Splash Protector (vertically, downwards oriented
  • Cutting from the edge with active Height Sensor up to 300 mm
    plate thickness (vertically, downwards oriented torch)