cutcare® - The Integrated Solution

Reduced hardware, lower costs, and higher quality: For those customers who are looking for a complete automated plasma cutting solution from a single supplier, Eckelmann, Kjellberg and IHT Automation have combined a CNC control package with a matching height control system and a plasma source.

Process: Plasma / Oxy-Fuel


Fully integrated CNC and Height Control System for plasma cutting machines

Simple and easy to use Operator Interface for CNC Plasma and Oxy-Fuel in the same control panel

Fully preconfigured system

Cutting tables for Smart Focus and APC integrated

Compact design 



Cost effective system

Fast time to market

Professional service support

Single point of contact for all questions before and after your order

Plug and play system concept



A single supplier for a complete cutting machine automation solution

Fast integration of automation into your cutting machine

Additional features and processes possible (e.g. drilling etc.)

Full cutting machine automation with embedded process knowledge from the Market Leaders; IHT Kjellberg and Eckelmann

Combination the best products on the market

Intuitive operation with graphical representation of all functions