APC (Automatic Process Control)

Automated Process Control Oxy-Fuel Cutting systems
APC is an Oxy-Fuel cutting system with Cutting Torch, Gas Control, Flame Ignition, Height Sensing and Lifter, all in one package. The cutting database for FIT+ three torches is either stored in the Operator Terminal or directly implemented in the machine control (CNC). 


Process: Oxy-fuel



  • Cutting process is integrated into APC system
  • Cutting Database, integrated automated Ignition, Preheating, Piercing and Cutting operation
  • Fits on all carriages
  • Only requires oxygen and fuel gas connection
  • Gas distribution, safety and electrical components are part of the package
  • Gas Controller mounted close to the torch, one controller per torch
  • Works with all common CNC controllers on the market 
  • Modular approach allows highest flexibility
  • Setting torch height in mm or inch
  • Short torch to torch distance
  • Cutting close to edge and kerf
  • Best in class height sensor for dry cuts
  • Flash back detection to extend torch lifetime
  • Slag detection
  • In cutting torch integrated ignition
  • Tool free nozzle exchange, high speed, high quality cutting


Application Fields

  • Oxy-Fuel cutting machines for straight cutting of up to 300 mm sheets
  • Single or multi torch applications, one Gas Controller per torch
  • 100 % compatible with the plasma systems IHT M 4000 PCS and M 4000 BAS
  • Solution for new cutting machines and retrofits
  • Cut sheets up to 100 mm thickness when used with active height sensor and up to 300 mm with Splash Protector