Contact Sensor

One of the most important factors when cutting with plasma is achieving the correct cutting height.

Besides the already proven tactile, IHT Automation now offers initial position finding using an electrical contact. With this system an electrical signal is generated when the tip of the cutting nozzle comes into contact with the surface of the workpiece.

This reduces the probability of the workpiece being pierced, a particular concern, especially when cutting thin sheets. Tactile position finding is always active when using this method. The sensing signal is connected to the PCS-CS control unit via a separate connector.

Some manufacturers of plasma systems have this initial position finding contact already built into their systems. The M 4000 PCS Interface Module has a dedicated "External initial position contact" input for these systems.


High productivity

especially when working with thin sheets

  • Nearly no bending of thin sheet, therefore always the correct cutting height
  • Higher process speed as less time is wasted between cuts

High reliability

  • High quality contact detection
  • Tactile position detection is always active
  • Protected against high voltages from the plasma torch (up to 15kV)

Simple installation and commissioning

  • Three different installation possibilities

  - Integrated into M 4000 PCS system (optional)

  - 3rd party sensor connected to M 4000 Interface (standard)

  - Integrated into M 4000 BAS body (optional)

  • Easy mounting and connection of parts
  • Fast and secure connection of the contact sensor clip to the plasma torch
  • No additional configuration required