M 4000 TWIN

Automatic clearance control for plasma and oxy-fuel cutting machines

The M 4000 TWIN is designed to work with both - plasma and  oxy-fuel cutting machines. Optional accessories for parking and fast changing of torches are available. It is suitable for cutting any kind of plasma compatible material and the distance between the plasma nozzle and workpiece is measured and controlled by the arc voltage. When cutting with oxy-fuel, a ring electrode measures the clearance to the metallic workpiece. 

There is also the option of a CUTBUS® signal for automatic transfer of cutting parameters from the CNC to the LINEAR DRIVE.

The torch is protected by built-in 3D collision detection in the torch clamp and there is vertical and horizontal collision detection to avoid other damage.

All torch lifter parameters can be set up and changed during operation using the multi-language operator terminal.


Process: High Quality Plasma/Oxy-fuel



This system gives you all advantages of our two principal systems in a single package:

Only one linear drive is required for two different cutting processes