B 1000

A compact height control system for all simple plasma applications.

It consists of few components, is easy to use and includes all the standard features for plasma cutting. The system is available in different configurations (Compact, Field or Board System) and compatible with all standard plasma systems and machine controls.

Process: Plasma 

High Cutting Quality

  • When used in IHT cutting height mode (CHM) the required height is entered in mm. The cutting height is thus independent of the arc voltage
  • Highly accurate height measurement gives a high quality cut.

Increased productivity

  • Fast process sequences reduce the time between cuts
  • Intuitive, easy operation due to visual presentation of the sequence increases productivity
  • Intelligent process sequence with optimised paths increases the cutting speed

Reduced Operating Costs 
thanks to accurate control of the process flow. This also results in reduced use of consumables and increased operating life.

  • Maintenance free
  • Additional height control protects moving parts against hot slag
  • Simple operation means operator errors are reduced

Simple installation and commissioning
due to a fully integrated design

  • Compact system consists of only two main components
  • Three variants for field and rack mounting
  • Minimum number of external signals required is low
  • Suitable for all modern plasma power sources and CNC systems
  • Complete system in one enclosure including the operator terminal, all electronics and connectors

B 1000 Compact System

Your cutting machine either has no control system enclosure or there is no free space left in the cabinet and you want to mount the Operator Interface next to the operator panel.

If you want also want to have a system with the best performance / price ratio in the market – then the B 1000 Compact System is the right choice for you.

B 1000 Compact System is a well proven system consisting of a Linear Drive, a cable and the Operator Terminal. It is both easy to install and easy to operate.

Process: Plasma

B 1000 Field System

If your cutting machine has no control enclosure or there is insufficient space in the enclosure but you need to mount the Operator Terminal in your operator panel then the B 1000 Field System is the right solution.

Essentially this system is the same as the Compact version but the Operator Terminal is mounted remotely from the Field Terminal.

No separate cabinet is required as both the Operator Terminal and the Field Interface can be mounted in the same location as the cutting machine. The Operator Terminal is designed to easily mount in the operator panel of the machine.

Process: Plasma

B 1000 Board System

If your cutting machine does have a control enclosure with sufficient free space to add the Board Interface, then the B 1000 Board System is the right solution for you.

Having exactly the same functionality as the Field System but with the Board Interface mounted in the control cabinet, this is the preferred solution if there is enough free space for the Board Interface. 

Process: Plasma