M 4000 BAS

Automatic clearance control for standard plasma cutting machines

One of the most important components when cutting with plasma is the precise clearance control.
The M 4000 BAS system provides all required characteristics for a precise cut. The system adapts to all common cutting machines, regardless if new installations or retrofit.


Process: Plasma 

M 4000 BAS consists of the LINEAR DRIVE BODY BAS, the GUIDING RAIL with 220 or 350 mm stroke and the OPERATOR INTERFACE with a built-in arc control system, motor controller and operator panel.

The operation of the M 4000 BAS system is done by BAS OPERATOR INTERFACE and digital signals and can be operated manually or centrally via a CNC. The setting of pierce height and cutting height is in millimeter, the setting of pierce delay in seconds. The control of cutting height is done using the ARC voltage.

The torch is protected using excellent 3D collision protection in the torch clamp and a vertical collision detection. 
Options: Collision detection and Contact Sensor

Electronic components are identical to B 1000, details see B 1000 Brochure.