M 4000 PCS

Automatic clearance control for plasma cutting machines

The M 4000 PCS can be operated from its own operator terminal or centrally controlled by a  CNC machine. It is suitable for cutting any kind of plasma compatible  material, for underwater cutting or for cutting thin metal sheets. As standard the initial position finding is tactile but the optional IHT nozzle sensor can be used if non-contact position finding is required (Dry plasma only).With the clearance being adjusted in 0.1 millimetre steps, a constantly high cutting quality and performance is obtained, the distance between plasma nozzle and workpiece being measured and controlled by the arc voltage.

Another option is the  CUTBUS® signal for automatic transfer of cutting parameters from the CNC system to the LINEAR DRIVE. The torch is protected by built-in 3D collision detection in the torch clamp and there is vertical and horizontal collision detection to avoid other damage.

All torch lifter parameters can be set up and changed during operation using the multi-language operator terminal.


Process: High Quality Plasma 



  • Clearance can be set in inches, millimeter or arc voltage
  • Accurate clearance control during plasma cutting
  • High yield from the work piece due to capability to cut closer to edges and corners
  • Increased elevation height during piercing increases component lifetime
  • Enhanced cutting quality with automatic detection of cuts and corners
  • Adjustable gas pre-flow for increased cutting speed
  • New 3D-collision protection with intelligent collision avoidance
  • CUTBUS® Network enabled.