Messer Oxy-Fuel Machine Cutting Torch with IHT Height Sensing

The integrated clearance sensor system ISC is a logical next step of IHT sensors for oxy fuel dry cutting. It combines the excellent quality of the machine cutting torch and the unreached IHT sensor system for oxy fuel cutting. It allows oxy fuel cutting with higher quality and improved productivity.

The integrated sensor system is available with cutting torches from Messer (ISC 1), Harris (ISC 5) and GCE (ISC 8).

The sensor system ISC 1 is using the machine cutting torch MS 932 or optionally MS 832 Torch. The torch will be supplied by IHT and is an integral part of the sensor system. For cutting nozzles please check list under "Accessories".

To complete your ISC height control system, please add a M 4000 ISC or CSC 500 ISC system.



  • No Ring Electrode and additional cabling
  • Detect slag, no collision
  • Better work piece utilization through cutting close to edge and kerfs
  • Due to the shape of the sensor, the system can be used for height control during bevel cutting
  • Quick disconnect facility to allow quick changing of nozzle
  • Works together with well established M 4000 ISC or CSC 500 ISC systems