FIT+ three

Oxy-Fuel Machine Cutting Torch with Height Sensing* and Integrated Ignition

  • Increased cutting machine performance thanks to unique IHT height sensing system
  • Integrated torch electronics can easily be connected to CNC systems
  • Torch Controller with two modes: Remote setpoint (position) or height measurement output
  • Tool-free nozzle and sensor system means reduced downtime
  • Integrated control valves for heating oxygen and fuel gas for a quicker installation
  • Built in pressure gauge for cutting oxygen improves cut quality
  • Flashback detection for safe operation and longer life time


Application Fields

  • Oxy-Fuel cutting machines with integrated z-axis and motor controller
  • The Torch Controller, attached to the Sensor Torch handles all required signals shown under CNC connections
  • Cutting sheets to 100 mm thickness used with active height sensor and up to 300 mm with Splash Protector 
  • Height sensing for dry cuts


Deviation Mode

  • In: Setpoint (0-10 V)
  • In: Ignite
  • Out: Deviation Position (0-10 V)
  • Out: in Position
  • Out: Error/Collision/Flashback
  • Power: 24 V DC / 0,6 A


Height Mode

  • In: Calibrate Height
  • In: Ignite
  • Out: Torch Height (0-10 V)
  • Out: Error/Collision/Flashback
  • Power: 24 V DC / 0,6 A


                                                                                                                      * Height sensing for dry cuts