FIT+ two

Oxy-Fuel Machine Cutting Torch with Integrated Ignition

  • Automatic ignition system build into the torch
  • Improved productivity of the Oxy-Fuel cutting machine due to use of high-speed cutting nozzles
  • Fast installation and safe operation with integrated control valves
  • Easier for machine operators to handle thanks to use of Tool-Free Nozzle changing system
  • High speed cutting nozzles for further improved cutting quality


Application Fields

  • Oxy-Fuel cutting of straight and shaped cuts in accordance with ISO 9013
  • Oxygen cutting from 3 to 300 mm
  • Hole piercing up to 150 mm
  • Can be used with different fuel gases
  • Compatible with all cutting machines
  • Suitable for new installations as well as retrofitting
  • Special solutions for water tables or Hardox cutting (please contact us if required)



  • In: Ignite 24 V DC / 1 mA, start ignition command
  • Out: Error
  • Power 24 V DC / 1 A
  • Earth / Ground


          In:= from CNC

          Out:= to CNC