FIT+ one

Oxy-Fuel Machine Cutting Torch

  • Unique system for Oxy-Fuel machine cutting technology
  • The product concept created based on the long-term partnership with the customers
  • High productivity of Oxy-Fuel machine cutting process due to high-speed cutting nozzles
  • Safe operations and high resistance against flashback ensured by integrated COOLEX® and axial injector with application of Resonator Mixing system in acetylene variants
  • Working efficiency with minimized nozzle exchange time
  • Easy to handle for machine operators because of Tool-Free nozzle changing system
  • Nozzle fixation done manually by special bayonet system, without any wrench
  • One type of heating nozzle for all fuel gases
  • Extended lifetime of consumable nozzles
  • Conform to ISO 5172

Application Fields

  • Oxy-Fuel cutting of straight and shaped cuts in accordance with ISO 9013
  • Oxy-Fuel cutting from 3 to 300 mm
  • Hole piercing up to 150 mm
  • Can be used with different fuel gases
  • Compatible with all cutting machines
  • Suitable for new installations as well as retrofitting