Plate Sensor

Capacitive sensor system for 3 torch cutting applications for Oxy-Fuel machines

The IHT 6525-1-100 capacitive plate sensor system allows non-contact and accurate cutting when using Oxy-Fuel cutting machines fitted with three torches and integrated torch lifters and offers a high quality dry cut. The plate sensor measures the clearance to a metallic workpiece using a capacitive measurement. It can also be used in conjunction with the well proven IHT CSC 500 sensor system.

Process: Oxy-Fuel


  • Automatic height sensing when cutting with three torches
  • Non-contact and precise clearance control
  • Clearance remote control
  • Works with almost all torch lifters with ± 10 V control inputs


  • Optional sensor cooling using compressed air
  • Output signal ±10 V (and inverted)
  • Output signal IN POSITION, ready for ignition
  • Integrated collision protection. When the plate sensor
    touches the workpiece, an automatic vertical movement protects the torch
  • Built-in operation monitoring