Oxy-Fuel External Ignition System

External Igntion System

This Oxy-Fuel ignition system is designed to be used with cutting machines fitted with either propane or acetylene torches. It is fully compatible with the following IHT Oxy-Fuel height control systems; CSC 500, M 4000 CAP, M 4000 ISC and M 4000 TWIN.


Process: Oxy-Fuel


The ignition system is characterized by

High productivity
as a result of the incorporated automatic ignition system

  • When used in multi-burner systems, process times can be reduced
  • Reduced gas consumption
  • Available for both propane and acetylene torches


Increased reliability

  • Possibility to increase the distance between the torch tip and workpiece
  • Ignition burners protected from slag
  • No high voltage ignition required
  • Gas supply mechanically protected


Simple installation and commissioning
thanks to the fully integrated design

  • System components are selected for full compatibility
  • Simple connection to CNC control system
  • No oxygen supply necessary
  • 24V signal for ignition