CSC 500

Capacitive sensor system for Oxy-Fuel cutting machines

The CSC 500 is the most advanced and reliable sensor system in the market for controlling the torch height in Oxy-Fuel cutting. It can be connected to most torch lifters. 

The sensor system allows non-contact precise clearance control of Oxy-Fuel torches on cutting machines that equipped with built-in torch lifters. Used for dry-cutting, ring electrodes or the integrated sensor (ISC) measure the clearance to a metallic workpiece using a capacitive measurement.


Process: Oxy-Fuel



  • works with the majority of all torch lifters equipped with ± 10 V control signals or 0-10 V to connect to any CNC
  • contact-free accurate clearance control
  • remote setting of clearance distance
  • splash repellent finish for increased ring electrode lifetime



  • output signal ±10 V and inverted or optionally 0-10 V for CNC applications, see Application Note AN110 or AN111
  • output signal "IN POSITION", ready for ignition
  • adjustable piercing height
  • built-in collision protection, if ring electrode touches the workpiece, an automatic vertical movement protects the torch
  • integrated monitoring of all operations

CSC 500 with Ring Electrode

The clearance of the metallic workpiece is measured by RING ELECTRODES.

The clearance of the metallic workpiece is measured by the INTEGRATED SENSOR (ISC).

For ISC Sensor Systems, please look at the appropriate ISC systems (ISC 1, ISC 5, ISC 8).