M 4000 CAP

Automatic clearance control for oxy-fuel cutting machines

The robust M 4000 CAP system offers contact free, accurate  and fast clearance control for oxy-fuel cutting machines being able to achieve high quality dry cuts due to  the built in IHT quality. It consists of a LINEAR DRIVE BODY CAP, a GUIDING RAIL (available in three different lengths) and a CONTROL UNIT CAP with a built-in capacitive sensor system and motor controller. A ring electrode measures the clearance to a metallic work piece. The Linear Drive Cable carries the power, the CNC data signals and the settings from the remote control potentiometer.


Process: Oxy-fuel



  • Small ring electrodes means optimised yield from the workpiece
  • Highly accurate control of the clearance distance for more precise cuts
  • Adjustable cutting and piercing height