M 4000 FIT+

Oxy-Fuel Height Control System with Cutting Torch and Integrated Ignition

M 4000 FIT+ is a fully integrated Oxy-Fuel Cutting System with Cutting Torch, Flame Ignition, Height Sensing and Lifter, all in one package.


Process: Oxy-Fuel



  • Flashback detection
  • Fits on all carriages
  • Easy integration in the CNC controller
  • Works with all common CNC controllers on the market
  • Optional fieldbus connectivity
  • Modular approach allows highest flexibility
  • Selection of best components ensures high cutting quality and productivity

Application Fields

  • Oxy-Fuel cutting machines for straight cutting of up to 300 mm thick sheets
  • Single or multi torch applications
  • 100 % compatible with the plasma systems IHT M 4000 PCS and M 4000 BAS 
  • Cut sheets up to 100 mm thickness when used with active height sensor and up to 300 mm with Splash Protector

CNC Connections

  • In: Automatic, control of torch height On / Off
  • In: Clearance Setpoint (0-10 V), torch height setting during cutting process
  • In: Piercing Setpoint (0-5 V), torch height setting during piercing process
  • In: Ignite, start ignition command
  • In: Manual Up, manual torch movement
  • In: Manual Down, manual torch movement
  • Out: Error/Collision/Flashback
  • Out: In Position, confirmation of set position
  • Out: Upper Limit, highest possible point
  • Power: 24 V DC, use of IHT power supply strongly recommended