Which system fits best

IHT offers height control systems which when used with the appropriate accessories, can be used for plasma or oxy-fuel cutting. 

The selection of the appropriate IHT height control system for your machine depends  on two to three basic criteria. The first step is to decide which process you would like to use

  • Plasma or
  • Oxy-Fuel.


The second question to be answered is which solution is desired

  • System solution or 
  • Individual solution (height control system only)


Finally the right IHT product needs to be choosen / determined. For this purpose, you will find detailed information on the individual products and solutions in the product categories or you can contact our staff directly for assistance.

There are several different IHT Oxy-Fuel systems solutions for portal machines, depending on the desired mode of operation.

There is also a capacitive sensor system available that can be used on a machine that is already equipped with an existing height control system.

IHT’s Plasma systems are compatible with both portal machines as well as flatbed machines. Please note that the distinction between simple standard applications (using air plasma) and high quality applications (using fine plasma) should be made.