FIT+ three

FIT+ three is arguably the most advanced torch on the market, available to all machine manufacturers.

There are two types of FIT+ three torches. 

FIT+ three DIG

The integrated torch into the IHT systems APC and M 4000 FIT+. The torch controller shares digital data with the other parts of the systems. It cannot be integrated into the machine without the above mentioned IHT systems.

FIT+ three ANA

This is designed as an individual torch with analogue communication with the CNC control of the cutting machine. With this torch, the machine builder or system integrator is responsible for setting up the cutting process. Its integration requires in-depth experience of cutting applications.

Both DIG and ANA look identical but are not interchangeable. Both can be red or blue.

They include automatic flame ignition, capacitive height control, flashback detection and other features. Flame adjustment valves and cutting oxygen pressure gauge are built in.

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