Autogen (Oxy-fuel) Torches

IHT Automation offers torches from the FIT+ family.

It is a range of cutting torches that includes all technical options. The family starts from the most advanced intelligent FIT+ three DIG, filled with sensors, controlled by microprocessor and using digital communication with the cutting process control system, and it goes down to the basic FIT+ one, which is "just the torch". The entire FIT+ family uses identical consumables (high-speed cutting and heating nozzles) with tool-free connection to the torch head based on a quarter turn bayonet.

The COOLEX®* system, which increases the safety and lifetime of the torch and consumables, is built into all torch variants. All torches have a cutting range up to 300 mm / 12" sheet thickness with all common fuel gases.

* COOLEX® is trademark of GCE group