04 September 2017

APC Automatic Process Control for Oxy-Fuel Cutting

Oxy-Fuel cutting is getting now more attractive again. Automation and safety are the key factors. IHT Automation has launched its new Oxy Fuel Cutting System called APC. This allows a hassle free quality cutting with Oxy-Fuel technology.

APC is a fully automatic Oxy-Fuel Process Control System that includes the cutting torch, gas controller, torch height control and the cutting process including the cutting database.

The APC system is suitable for cutting machines for straight cut up to 300 mm, where piercing up to 150 mm is possible. The system is designed for either single torch or multi torch applications up to 10 torches per cutting machine.

Many features are embedded into the system like automatic ignition, pre-heating, piercing and cutting process. Embedded cutting database, slag detection, automatic back-fire detection are also standard features.

The best Return on Investment is when the cutting cost per metre is kept low. To reach this, automation of the Oxy-Fuel cutting process is necessary. The APC System provides the best torch technology available with extraordinary features and a high level of Oxy-Fuel cutting automation.

Automatic process control Oxy-Fuel cutting process 

• Higher productivity using best embedded cutting process

• Consistent cutting quality using fully automatic process

• Lower installation cost through fully integrated system

• Cutting process and database is integrated into APC system

• Oxy-Fuel Cutting System with Cutting Torch, Gas Control,

   Ignition, Height Sensing and Lifter all in one package

• Fits on all carriages

• Gas hoses, valves, flash back arrestors are part of the package

• Works with all common CNC controllers on the market

• Single or multi torch applications, one Gas Controller per torch

• 100 % compatible with the IHT M 4000 PCS and M 4000 BAS

   plasma systems

• Cutting data bank and the APC operator interface are integrated into operator terminal 

• Operator Terminal Software can run on any Windows 7 or higher Operating Software

• Cutting data bank and the APC operator interface are stored into CNC 

• APC with flexible fieldbus interface to connect to CNC (e.g. Modbus)