03 October 2017

EuroBLECH 2018

Handling "easy" is the idea behind the new APC (Automatic Process Control) system, which IHT Automation has brought onto the market. The matching of intelligent cutting torches with intelligent gas regulation in combination with a cutting database makes Oxy-Fuel cutting process-safe.

This is different in the case of Oxy-Fuel cutting. Oxy-Fuel cutting has been losing its attractiveness for many years.

Oxy-Fuel cutting is by far the oldest cutting process. Good training and long experience is necessary to make a good cut.

Oxy-Fuel cutting is considered to be the most demanding process. However, it is the least automated.

In addition to laser and water jet cutting, plasma cutting is one of the most automated cutting processes today.

These and other topics relating to plasma and Oxy-Fuel cutting were part of the presentation by Kurt Nachbargauer at the DVS Congress in September 2017. 



within the framework of the World Leading Trade Fair
Congress Center Düsseldorf East, Germany
27 September 2017 / 1:30 pm / Hall R
Speaker: Kurt Nachbargauer
Topic: Plasma and autogenous cutting?
- Automation makes the difference