18 August 2017


As well as laser and water jet cutting, cutting with plasma is one of the most automated cutting processes today. And what is about Oxy-Fuel?

Each cutting method has the application for which it is best suited, Laser is best for thin sheets, water jet for special materials where no heat input is desired. Plasma cutting is very good with stainless steel and for small contours. Oxy-Fuel cutting is best for carbon steels from about 20 mm sheet thickness and where many identical parts are to be cut.

As you may well know, a lot of training is required before you become an Oxy-Fuel cutting expert and it is a lot of experience necessary to get the perfect cut.

The cost of personnel can be significantly reduced by adding automation which will, at the same time, increase production quality and increase safety.  

All these things have a major impact on overall productivity of the Oxy-Fuel cutting process.

Kurt Nachbargauer will be approaching this with a lecture within the framework of the Education Program at Fabtech.

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Chicago, USA
06th-09th November 2017
FABTECH Educational Program
Speaker: Kurt Nachbargauer
Topic: Oxy-Fuel Cutting - Automation makes the difference
06 November 2017 / 11:30 am - 00:30 pm