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There are several different IHT Oxy-Fuel systems solutions for gantry machines, depending on the desired mode of operation. There is also a capacitive sensor system available that can be used on a machine that is already equipped with an existing height control system.

The next logical step is to further develop the Oxy-Fuel cutting process, which we are working on in collaboration with GCE. 

The latest developments are Oxy-Fuel cutting torches with built in intelligence and an Oxy-Fuel Automatic Process Control System called APC.


Oxy-Fuel Systems and torches

  • M 4000 FIT+, CAP, ISC
  • Machine Cutting Torches FIT+ and ISC
  • APC Automatic Cutting Process System


IHT’s Plasma height control systems are compatible with both gantry machines as well as flatbed machines. Please note that the distinction between simple standard applications (e.g. air plasma) and high quality applications (using high quality plasma) should be made.

All Plasma systems can operate stand alone or operated from the CNC using our “CUTBUS” interface.

There are modular systems based on our well proven M 4000 architecture.


Plasma Height Control Systems

  • M 4000 PCS
  • M 4000 BAS



APC - Automatic Process Control for your Oxy-Fuel Cutting Process

From ignition to preheating, piercing, and cutting, the complete Oxy-Fuel cutting process in one system.

APC is the latest development of IHT Automation. It combines the Oxy-Fuel process know how of IHT and GCE in one system.