Press Releases

APC  - Oxy-Fuel Cutting on the fast lane (08/2016)

IHT Automation, the world's largest independent producer of sensor based height control systems for Plasma and Oxy-Fuel cutting machines, is expanding its range of products. At this year’s Euroblech exhibition, IHT Automation will present new solutions that allow to both partially or fully automated Plasma and Oxy-Fuel cutting systems. Building on from the CUTCARE solution which was presented two years ago that offered CNC connectivity, the IHT height control system and Plasma power source, this year we are introducing a solution for automating Oxy-Fuel cutting.  

IHT Automation and GCE will be presenting the new M 4000 FIT +, a height control system with integrated ignition and height sensing. If you would like to know more, come and see the latest automation solution for Oxy-Fuel cutting, APC (Automatic Process Control). This is a  fully integrated Oxy-Fuel cutting system which includes its own cutting technology database. The system offers a simplified interface to the CNC machine control and allows continuous high quality Oxy-Fuel cuts without requiring the user to have detailed knowledge of cutting technology.

Modern Metals (02/2019)

With an IHT Automation OxyFuel torch, the Arcos Bridge & Rail Plasma machine can cut up to 8-inch-thick mild steel.

Multicam APC

Plasma technology no longer takes a back seat to fiber lasers with its ability to cut different materials, thick and thin.

Badisches Tagblatt (07/2019)

"FIT for Future" is the motto of the in-house exhibition of the company IHT Automation based in Baden-Baden.