About us

There are three things that count when it comes to thermal cutting: precision, speed and reliable quality. These are all mainly a question of accurate clearance control and that is what our business is all about. For over thirty years we have been taking technology to its limits. If it‘s possible  we will make it happen. By taking this approach, we ensure your machines will always perform at their optimum level.


Our innovative sensor and control technology guarantees the most accurate and repeatable cuts that are possible today.


With high-specification controls, IHT based systems achieve high-speed auto tracking.  Our systems will help speed up your production process, much faster than would be possible using conventional thermal cutting machines.


High precision sensors and bus-enabled control systems ensure a consistent high quality cut whilst minimising wastage. Forget about all the problems you had with clearance control in the past. After  a simple Plug and Play installation, our systems will reliably do their job, time and time again.

A team of experts

IHT Automation has been developing and producing clearance control systems for over thirty years. Being the biggest independent supplier worldwide, we help define the state of technology in this field. Some of our highly competent and motivated staff are international leaders with years of  experience and expertise and they are constantly working to perfect and improve our products. To ensure the next generation of our products, we take on and train new engineers and technicians and continuous education for all employees forms part of our company's ethos.

Available to help

All of our employees – whether in Development, Production or Sales – are always available to assist our customers. They will answer your questions and help you in any way they can, using their own know-how and experience and supported by our fully integrated computerised data system.

Focusing on core business

Our work is based on focussed specialisation and close co-operation with leading machine building companies. Many of our regular customers could build their own clearance controls systems for their cutting machines. But they prefer to do what we do, focus on their core business and source secondary components from the best potential partners. This not only saves them time and money but by integrating our systems, their machines are more precise and can be brought to market more quickly.