About us

With the customer in mind

Our story begins and ends with the customer. Our customers have always been the primary source of ideas and requirements that we later transform into new products and services. Our customers and their applications are the background of our long experience and drive all our daily activities in product development, production, sales and marketing. 

Our relationship with end users is primarily through cutting machine manufacturers, system integrators and service companies. A typical end-user of our products is someone working in the steel or metal fabrication industry, producing steel structures and using cutting tables or robots powered by our technology. 

We are always looking for market opportunities or ways to improve with our customers and partners around the world. For example, we found that oxy-fuel cutting, while one of the most reliable steel cutting technologies, was struggling and lacking focus, and so we came up with our „ReThink“ concept, which was to gather experience and data from the industry. When we were done, we looked at the information we had collected and discovered that automating the cutting process was what most customers were missing. This led to the re-launch of „Autogen“, an automated oxy-fuel cutting technology.

Focusing on our core business

Since its inception in 1990, IHT Automation has always focused on creating new solutions for the benefit of customers in the cutting industry. 

The original area that received our special attention was the control of the torch height for oxy-fuel, plasma or laser cutting. IHT Automation‘s height control systems have rightly became well known in the industry around the world. More experience with cutting, flames, gases and related technologies have been gained over the years. 

Today we offer complete technological solutions, mainly focused on oxy-fuel cutting, but also in the field of plasma cutting, several of which are covered by international patents. All system components, hardware, software or operating parameters, have been developed and perfected internally or sometimes with external partners such as universities or other partners, all respected leaders in the cutting industry. 

Our current product range includes complete cutting systems as well as individual components, all backed by an after-sales service capable of providing full product and application training.