cutcare® - The Integrated Solution

Reduced hardware, lower costs, and higher quality. For those customers who are looking for a complete automated plasma cutting solution from a single supplier, Power Automation (PA), Kjellberg and IHT Automation have combined a CNC control package with a matching plasma height control system, a plasma source and / or a complete Oxy-Fuel cutting system.


Process: Plasma / Oxy-Fuel



  • Fully integrated cutting machine automation with CNC, plasma, Oxy-Fuel and drilling+
  • Simple and easy to use Operator Interface
  • Single operator Interface for all processes
  • Fully preconfigured  
  • Cutting tables (database) for Kjellberg plasma Sources and IHT Oxy-Fuel System integrated
  • Compact design
  • Easy to enhance with other features



  • Cost effective system
  • Fast time to market
  • Professional service support
  • Single point of contact for all questions before and after your order
  • Plug and play system concept



  • A single supplier for a complete cutting machine automation solution
  • Fast Integration of automation into your cutting machine
  • Additional features and processes possible (e.g. Oxy fuel, drilling etc.)
  • Full cutting machine automation with embedded process knowledge from the Market Leaders; IHT and PA 
  • Combination the best products on the market
  • Works best with Kjellberg and most common mechanized plasma sources available
  • Intuitive operation with graphical representation of all functions